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Gods timing is always right, but i know sometimes, most times i get into Gods way & i try to make things happen in my time. I find it too hard to wait for answered prayer so i try to answer my prayer myself with perhaps the wrong job, the wrong love, the wrong place to live, the wrong people to hang with etc.... ya'll get the picture. Anyways I've been thinking a lot tonight about God & answered prayer & being patient for what & who God wants me to have & not who or what i might want in my life. I must say when i want something i want it right then & there & then most times after i get what it is i thought i wanted, i find it ain't that great & not so sure why i wanted it in the first place. I got a lot on my mind this evening & i'm just rambling i guess about God & life and thank ya'll for listening. Feel free to comment. #God #prayer #love #life

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